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The Philadelphia Cancer Community

Posted February 7, 2017 by Maurice Tannenbaum

We were again asked to contribute our services to The Philadelphia Cancer Community. This time we were asked to do the hair for six models who had cancer and survived, or had a family member with cancer and were supported by “the community.”

I was introduced to The Philadelphia Cancer Community about eight years when a group of women asked OMG Salon to participate in a luncheon by doing hair and makeup for women of the organization who had survived cancer. We were more then delighted to participate.

In getting to know these women and the organization, I realized that they were doing really important work. The organization is not only for cancer patients but the Cancer Community is a place to inform, comfort and educate families of cancer patients – those who needed support as much as the patients. Husbands, wives and children are also facing difficulties when a loved one is stricken with cancer.  They are all dealing with fears and a variety of emotions. The Philadelphia Cancer Community is a place were people get together and air their feelings about loved ones. Finally people had compassion for the entire cancer family and offered them support in meetings, sports, yoga, meditation, counseling and so much more. I was so impressed with this group of women that I wanted to help in any way possible. So, by lending a helping hand at an event we helped make the models, who are also  cancer survivors, look and feel more beautiful.  It was just the best thing that we could do.

This time we we were asked to work with models for a show held and sponsored by Niemen Marcus and Akris clothing. The event was spear headed by Nicole Schaffer, one of the most highly energized women that I had ever met. OMG Salon’s senior stylist, Sary, Jacqui, my assistant, and I took control of the women and watched them gallivant around with new held confidence as they strutted not only down the runway before the Akris show but after as they were mingling with the crowd. It was wonderful to see the power of support and confidence – the women felt as glamorous as the Akris models who strolled the runway after them.

It was quite an affair and truly an honor to be a part of this event. I hope all of you will look up The Philadelphia Cancer Community and become a member, as you will find yourself in the finest grout of women (and men) in Philadelphia. And in doing so enjoy the events as well as knowing that you are giving to a most worthy cause.

Next I will be giving a wig demonstration. The good, the bad, and the in-between when looking to purchase a wig.

– Maurice Tannenbaum