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Love Your Age, I Mean it!

Posted November 1, 2016 by Maurice Tannenbaum

I have been talking about writing a book for a few years. One of the benefits of having over 47 years experience in the beauty business as a make-up and hair stylist for all sorts of celebrities, socialites and ordinary women is that I have many stories to tell!! Although I have started it several times, I just haven’t been able to make the commitment required to finish it. Now with everyone blogging, and because I am so trendy, I decided to try my voice for the OMG Salon blog. Certainly it’s less of a commitment and will save me the embarrassment of people hating my book. So here it goes.

There is so much to say – I have opinions to share about so many things. Yes, I’m a bit judgmental and critical. That said, let’s start with the subject of women in their 60’s and 70’s who wear their hair long. It’s not a good thing. And by long hair, I mean past their shoulders! I don’t care how many face lifts you have had and how young you feel, look or want to look you’re still a grandmother. Stop competing with 20 year old women and give your daughter some space. You had your chance and hopefully enjoyed it – now move on.

There is nothing more beautiful then an elegant woman that has the self confidence to accept her age with grace and dignity! I remember when I was in my 20’s and went to Paris for the first time. My Wife and I, you read that right, I was married once to a very beautiful and wonderful woman, Linda (that is how I have a son, Seth). Anyhow, we went to the restaurant called Benoit, an Alain Ducasse Restaurant, and in walked an older woman with blonde hair and red lips ( why do French women have the courage to wear red lips and American woman rarely do?). She was dressed elegantly and her entrance was defined by grace and dignity. She didn’t need youth or long hair because she knew who she was and was proud of it. She was greeted warmly by everyone. More-so then more attractive women in the room. I was truly enlightened by that experience.

That experience taught me that a woman’s age define her beauty. It’s her manner and how she feels about herself. Wearing your hair long won’t give you self confidence. Neither will a face lift (well a face lift might if your not happy with what you see in the mirror). I’m sure you have had similar experiences, noticing a woman entering a room and although she may not be young, or even beautiful, there is something about her that is just captivating, unique, and elegant.

As we age it is more important to strive for that bit of self confidence. All the surgery, long hair, and even diamonds just won’t do it. Speaking of diamonds, aren’t they just beautiful? Love them! Love those big solitaires! I love to see a woman wearing diamonds, even during the day. John and I were in Como Italy at Villa Serbelloni sitting on the veranda having a drink with a couple we had just met, which we were surprised to learn were from Malvern, Pennsylvania (what a coincidence). As we sipped our drinks, the glass doors opened and out swirled a beautiful woman who was likely in her 20s. She wasn’t wearing any make-up (she didn’t need it) and had long, wet blonde hair complimented by a black ball gown and a diamond necklace.

Perfect! Sometimes that’s all you need.