About OMG

All of our stylists go through a rigorous training program for at least one year. Stylists are trained by senior stylists and owner Maurice Tannenbaum. Maurice has an excellent reputation and is a major force in hair in New York City, Philadelphia, and Europe for (believe it or not) 53 years and counting!

“We are all about service with style,” says Maurice. OMG is where you go to see your favorite friends and neighbors, enjoy a cappuccino and a light snack, and receive the star treatment from our talented stylists. We offer the best make-up and skin care products from the respected New York City-based dermatologist Deborah Jaliman. She works with a star-studded international clientele, and OMG Salon is the only place outside of her office that sells her products. Maurice and Christina comb the world to handpick the best cosmetics. We even offer a blended foundation that is customized for your skin type. . Just a few of the things you won't find anywhere else.

We specialize in corrective hair color and restructuring damaged hair by using Kuene non-ammoniated color and Olaplex, which is the newest improvement in additives for coloring and bleaching. Olaplex strengthens hair with continued use, and prevents damage and breaking, and repairs hair bonds. Our relaxing, straightening and smoothing techniques are from a Japanese company that is considered to be the best in the world. It is against the law to use formaldehyde in Japan. OMG Salon does not use formaldehyde because it could harm you, our stylists, and other clientele. Due to Maurice's training all stylists provide consistent level of expertise, you can be assured no matter who cuts, colors, or blow dries your hair at OMG you will walk away looking your very best. We are all about helping you discover, uncover, express and maintain "Your Personal Style"!!!

Salon Rates

We have been called expensive, but we are not. We are competitive with salons in the area. Our master stylists cost more due to the demand for their time and their expertise. A first-time haircut with Maurice is $300 and $200 for subsequent haircuts. Haircuts with junior and senior stylists which all include a personal consultation with Maurice range from $65, $75, $90, $110, and $120.

Why is OMG Salon better than other salons?

The answer is simple, each stylist goes through a rigorous year-long training program with Maurice Tannenbaum and their training continues as long as they are part of the OMG team.

There is a misconception that we are an ”expensive” salon. Some of our services are priced higher than you might normally expect due to the exceptional skills of our Stylists, but you can also get a superior blow dry or haircut at OMG for at the same price of other salons in the area. The fee for hair coloring might be higher because we use superior color products and our clients receive hair conditioner with color treatment. Using the proper conditioner is key to minimizing damage to your hair and for lasting color (i.e., the cuticle of the hair needs to be closed and the PH brought to normal).


Makeup application, makeup lessons, make up from select manufactures around the globe (selected by Maurice and Christina), eye brow waxing, eye brow color, skin care (orchestrated by Deborah Jaliman, an internationally famous, fifth Ave Dermatologist, which is only available at OMG and her office on 5th Ave. in NYC), facial waxing, lash perming, lash coloring, and false individual lash application.

Hair: Hair coloring, single process, double process, highlighting, baliage, reconstructive hair coloring, relaxing, smoothing, conditioning, formal up do’s wedding hair, deep conditioning, color analysis, color reconstruction, wigs, extensions, hair pieces, chemo wigs, etc.